Well I never … a Versatile Blogger Award for lil ol me!

Imagine my surprise and joy, having only three posts to my name when I was nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by Rainbowjunkie. Thank you so much, this is a lovely surprise. Unfortunately being a bit of a novice I can’t seem to get the post to copy onto my blog! However the award states that I need to tell seven things about myself … so here goes:

1. I love playing with colour, whether with crochet, painting or sewing.

2. I taught myself to crochet and have been doing it for a little less than a year.

3. The first thing I made for someone else was a granny stripe blanket.

4. I love a good sing … Although my family would rather I didn’t!

5. I love being outside, camping is my idea of heaven! Although possibly only in summer!

6. I can play the flute … Badly, but the recorder quite well.

7. I drink inordinate amounts of tea. Especially when sat in front of the telly, crochet hook in hand!

Phew, that was tricky! The next thing I need to do is nominate other blogs to receive the award.

Yarn round hook – crochet and more plus gorgeous photos

Bunny mummy – so many fantastic tutorials to choose from and a lover of colour.

Attic 24 – the first blog I ventured onto when teaching myself to crochet, beautiful bright colours and wonderful tutorials.

Little Woolie – crochet, and taking part in a Year of Happy.

Now there are so many more people I could nominate but I need to figure out how to link to them so you’ll have to excuse me while I do that!

Be back soon with a hooky update!




Sunrise, flowers and the hope of snow.

Oooh the possibility of snow = two very excited children and I will admit a very excited me too. The lead up to the hope of snow has been decidedly chilly but the plus side is that we have had some absolutely stunning sunrises.

Here comes one now ….

It started like this



Then went to this breathtaking shade of fiery red



And finished like this with beautiful shades of blue and pink thrown into the mix


It was so beautiful that I took time out of sandwich making, hair brushing and wrestling Little Miss H into her clothes before school to stand in wonder for a few moments. Truly awe inspiring.

For my hooky project this week I have started making these quick flowers.  They are hooked up in no time and are a great stash buster. I was very lucky to have a whole basket of wool donated to me so I went through and picked out some gorgeous, slightly clashing colours and hey presto! 

DSCN0221 DSCN0220

Once I start I can’t seem to stop. I wonder what they might end up as?

My beautiful day ended up standing under the light of this silvery moon.


Even better, when we woke this morning we were delighted to see a snowy wonderland in our garden. We don’t get snow very often so even a smidge sends us a little crazy! There has been snowman building, snowball fights with our lovely neighbours, sledge riding and sledge pulling and lots of running about making footprints in the snow. Although no snow angels so far! Photos may follow if my hands can defrost enough outside to work the camera!

Until the next time, keep warm and toasty.


The Granny Square Blanket … a cautionary tale!

After being asked by a friend to make a blanket for a baby girl I eagerly started crocheting granny squares in pastel colours. I love looking at little piles of granny squares … It makes me happy and I can’t help but smile.


My squares are only three rounds so they work up super quickly.  After making nearly thirty (I’m not finished but am impatient and wanted to start putting them together!)  my thoughts turned to how I might do it. Well, I researched … and looked some more and finally decided that I would crochet them all a border and then join them as I went along.


All was going well and I had completed nine joined up squares when I stepped out of the half light in the lounge into the bright light of the kitchen, then I realised, horror of horrors, I had started using the pale pink that I wanted but when I ran out I picked up what I thought was another ball of the same colour BUT it wasn’t! 

A peach colour yarn had sneakily crept into the wool basket and I had picked this up instead. I would like to show you a piccie but I was so upset that I forgot to take one. Six squares I unravelled and I’m sure that the peach yarn was laughing!


Lesson learnt: never trust a peach coloured yarn and always pick yarn out in the light.

I am pleased to say that the blanket is now coming along nicely and my mo-jo is back.

Keep smiling!


Hello blog world!

It’s taken a while but at last I’m here! After a lovely Christmas and New Year with lovely family and friends I thought that I’d share some ramblings with the world.

First ramble – here is my fave candle of the year, it smelt divine and it also had a partner. They looked beautiful … Oh and I love the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree in the background.


Then when Christmas couldn’t get any better I received these beautiful ‘shrooms.


I love the way their shadows in the photo make little heart shapes.

All in all a fabby Christmas and here’s to blogging adventures in 2013!


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