The Granny Square Blanket … a cautionary tale!

After being asked by a friend to make a blanket for a baby girl I eagerly started crocheting granny squares in pastel colours. I love looking at little piles of granny squares … It makes me happy and I can’t help but smile.


My squares are only three rounds so they work up super quickly.  After making nearly thirty (I’m not finished but am impatient and wanted to start putting them together!)  my thoughts turned to how I might do it. Well, I researched … and looked some more and finally decided that I would crochet them all a border and then join them as I went along.


All was going well and I had completed nine joined up squares when I stepped out of the half light in the lounge into the bright light of the kitchen, then I realised, horror of horrors, I had started using the pale pink that I wanted but when I ran out I picked up what I thought was another ball of the same colour BUT it wasn’t! 

A peach colour yarn had sneakily crept into the wool basket and I had picked this up instead. I would like to show you a piccie but I was so upset that I forgot to take one. Six squares I unravelled and I’m sure that the peach yarn was laughing!


Lesson learnt: never trust a peach coloured yarn and always pick yarn out in the light.

I am pleased to say that the blanket is now coming along nicely and my mo-jo is back.

Keep smiling!



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Hello, welcome to Toadstool Tales! I am a wife of a lovely man, mother of two who loves to be crafty! I love anything crocheted, vintage, with owls or shrooms. I am inspired by the outdoors and enjoy long walks or long cups of tea after the long walks!! I hope that you enjoy my Toadstool Tales!

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