Crochet headgear, more gauntlets and a small muse!

Well what a busy week and a bit I’ve had! So sorry for not updating sooner but … phew! The computer decided it wasn’t very happy so I have had to be very patient whilst it was fixed by my Marvellous Mr! – thanks Marvellous Mr)

Anyway onto crochet goodness! Even more fairy gauntlets have been ordered and this pair is winging it’s way to Edinburgh. Very exciting in itself. Pretty much as far away from me as possible without actually leaving the U.K. Another pair are being created for a lovely lady, The Flower Singer, who launches her E.P this week… I’m going to the launch – I wonder if she might wear some??  Every pair is different … mainly because I can’t remember exactly what I did the time before so the combination of trebles, half trebles and doubles changes every time! Although the star buttons are very popular. I may make a small crochet flower to go on the next pair instead. Hmmmm, I feel an experiment coming on!

Lovely starry gauntlets!

I’ve also made this ear warmer … Still trying to find someone to model it as although it is for me I don’t really do headgear of any variety so it shows how chilly it’s been. So you will have to imagine what it is like on! I really like the clashing colours of the small flower. Many apologies for the poor light in this photo. Candlelight, although lovely, doesn’t really cut it!


And finally, I had a vintage teacup that I was going to make a pin cushion from but never got round to it. It has been sat looking at me for many a month , reproachfully gazing at me, ‘use me for something … anything…’ It seemed to be saying. So the other night I popped in a tea light and voila … A new candle holder. Being a fan of candles as anyway I really like how it looks …  no melting of wax and no saucepans were injured in the making of it. I think it works but how about you?


And I’ll leave you with a beautiful piccie of some gorgeous roses that a friend bought me. I do love yellow – reminds me of sunny days!


Til next time, I’ll be experimenting. what will you be doing?




Flowery Ta-dah and half-term madness!

Hello all,

Let’s start with half-term madness shall we?

It all started last Saturday with a one night cub sleepover. Lots of busy children chariot racing, pot making, mosaic games and camp fires … Oh and marshmallows!

Plus one dreamy cup of latte for me and another tired cub scout leader, yum yum.


Then we had a week entertaining Little Miss H, as well as Number 1 Son. This involved …. You ready? … bowling, walking in very muddy woods (sorry no photos, was using all my concentration just staying upright!), cinema trip, playing with friends, two cycle rides and a girly shopping trip … Phew! But along with this I did manage to finish my flowery surprise.

Just to remind you it started like this


Then grew, and grew some more


And finally got made into this


A flowery waistcoat!

I am so very pleased with how it looks and have already had requests for mini ones. The original puffed flower pattern came from Meladora 1 on You Tube who created a beautiful purple scarf with it. I joined the flowers as I went along using her instructions which created a gloriously random pattern. I had to be really careful to choose the colours to do next and I think I managed to avoid clumping too much of the same colour together although now I look at the photos there are a few small gaps that need sewing together.

The flower theme seems to be continuing … Maybe the gorgeous weather has made me long for the spring. Either way I am now drawn to making more flowery bits. A garland inspired by the latest Mollie Makes is on it’s way … stay tuned!

Til the next time, have fun!



Crochet to-do list and a small tah-dah!

Dear oh me, how did I end up with so many yarny projects on the go at the same time?! I still have the granny square blanket to finish … although it is growing slowly!

And the flowery surprise … also growing and very nearly ready to be made into something a little different! oooh the suspense!


Now I have seen owls that obviously I need to make! Check them out – how gorgeous? Made by the lovely Bunny Mummy.

I also have a yearning for a flower garland to replace my snowflake garland – the kitchen looks bare without it.

But at last here is my tah-dah!



My wrist warmers (or fairy gauntlets! depending on my mood!!) are now complete! (One handed photographs are not easy to take … maybe I need to find someone else’s hand to borrow … they may be more photogenic than mine!) I have made a myriad of these this winter, some red, some green and some multicoloured but I have to say that I think that I like the grey ones best. Im’ not sure why as I normally go for the bright colours every time. I think they look a little like chain maille. The pattern for these is super quick to work up and made up by me! If you’d like it let me know and I may have to turn my hand to tutorial writing.  Anyhoo … one tick off my very long list!

Oh dear, the new edition of Simply Crochet has arrived … I don’t think this is going to be good for my to-do list!



Until the next time, keep busy!



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