Crochet to-do list and a small tah-dah!

Dear oh me, how did I end up with so many yarny projects on the go at the same time?! I still have the granny square blanket to finish … although it is growing slowly!

And the flowery surprise … also growing and very nearly ready to be made into something a little different! oooh the suspense!


Now I have seen owls that obviously I need to make! Check them out – how gorgeous? Made by the lovely Bunny Mummy.

I also have a yearning for a flower garland to replace my snowflake garland – the kitchen looks bare without it.

But at last here is my tah-dah!



My wrist warmers (or fairy gauntlets! depending on my mood!!) are now complete! (One handed photographs are not easy to take … maybe I need to find someone else’s hand to borrow … they may be more photogenic than mine!) I have made a myriad of these this winter, some red, some green and some multicoloured but I have to say that I think that I like the grey ones best. Im’ not sure why as I normally go for the bright colours every time. I think they look a little like chain maille. The pattern for these is super quick to work up and made up by me! If you’d like it let me know and I may have to turn my hand to tutorial writing.  Anyhoo … one tick off my very long list!

Oh dear, the new edition of Simply Crochet has arrived … I don’t think this is going to be good for my to-do list!



Until the next time, keep busy!




About Toadstool Tales

Hello, welcome to Toadstool Tales! I am a wife of a lovely man, mother of two who loves to be crafty! I love anything crocheted, vintage, with owls or shrooms. I am inspired by the outdoors and enjoy long walks or long cups of tea after the long walks!! I hope that you enjoy my Toadstool Tales!

3 responses to “Crochet to-do list and a small tah-dah!

  1. I know the feeling. I have lists of things I want to make and I just hope they don’t get longer quicker than I can make the things on them!

  2. Hello, thank you for your comment on my blog. I like the look of the crochet flowers you’re making, they remind me of the puff daisies I was making for a blanket this time last year – getting round to finishing it is on my crochet-to-do list! What do you think of Simply Crochet? I’ve not had a look at a copy yet, was wondering if it was worthwhile making the effort to try and find one.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for your message. I tried to get hold of a copy of the first Simply Crochet may without success here so then subscribed. The layout is very similar to Mollie makes so visually the mag is really attractive. There is a mix of things to make for the house plus some wearable items. An article on freeform crochet, a gorgeous bunny and plenty of flower motifs. I enjoyed it and will definitely be giving a few things a go. There are also quite a few pages dedicated to the beginner and basic stitches.

      Hope thus is helpful Ann!


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