Snow and a tah-dah!

Being billed as one of the warmest places in the British Isles we do not expect snow, we are not prepared for snow and quite a few of us panic at the sight of snow! So imagine our surprise when a ‘RED’ warning was posted for my little part of the world …. shock, horror … buy bread, buy milk, stock up. Well the snow arrived and looked like this ….DSCN0569

    Yes it was pretty. Unusual and very lovely for a Monday morning.

    No getting up for school, no lunchboxes to make … just playing in the snow.

And then it just carried on … snow where I come from does not just carry on. We get a day, we enjoy the day, the snow melts and life carries on as normal. Not this time!





  Nope this time it kept on snowing! This was Tuesday morning and

  a lull before the snow got going … again!






DSCN0593And this was Tuesday evening … still snowing! I love the way my solar power lights look like little toadstools!                        DSCN0654

As of Wednesday morning you couldn’t even see the chimena or the lanterns and there was a five foot snow drift at the bottom of the garden (believe me … I stood in it … and it was as tall as I was … getting out of it was, shall we say, interesting!)

Unbelievable, but it does extraordinary things to the landscape. Roads that were busy became silent. Trees that were bare became coated and looked beautiful.



A most beautiful view from our back garden … always special but this time breathtaking.


And in the midst of all the snowball fights, igloo making, snowman building and hot chocolate drinking a blanket was finished. Here it is – my granny baby blanket. I am inordinately pleased with it – bright but not too bright, girly without being too pink and with a sweet little edge that I found over at Attic 24. I love Lucy’s creations and hers is a must view blog.


Here is a closer look at the edge as well as a little look at a lovely mug that my gorgeous children bought me for Mother’s Day (I can’t believe that was nearly a week ago … where does the time go?)


And now from the sublime to the ridiculous! Comic relief day today and No 1 son decided he would be a dalek. Well as of Wednesday morning the dalek, it has to be said, was a box with a few bits stuck on it. That is until he invited me to help him … remodelling was the name of the game so we made it less like a snow plough, painted it grey, daubed silver enamel over it, stuck on plungers, paint roller cages and cardboard tubes and it morphed slowly (and sometimes painfully) into a dalek … Here it is in all it’s daleky glory – I wonder how long it will take residence in my lounge for?? Hmmmm, where’s a wheelie bin when you need it? No 1 Son is talking about wearing it at Halloween … Nooooooo!!


On that bombshell I will leave you! Another blanket has been started (this time it is a ripple and extremely therapeutic!) and I feel it calling me!

Til next time, have fun!






About Toadstool Tales

Hello, welcome to Toadstool Tales! I am a wife of a lovely man, mother of two who loves to be crafty! I love anything crocheted, vintage, with owls or shrooms. I am inspired by the outdoors and enjoy long walks or long cups of tea after the long walks!! I hope that you enjoy my Toadstool Tales!

4 responses to “Snow and a tah-dah!

  1. You did get a lot of snow. We only had a sprinkle here. Hard to believe it’s supposed to be Spring! Lovely snow photos.

  2. Hi Emma,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Looks like you have a lot of fun things going on over here. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your ripple. 🙂

    Have a good week.


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