Sheds, eggs and a finished blanket!

Ooooh, what an exciting time I’m having! Where to begin I wonder? Let’s start with some hooky news. My stripey ripple blanket for No 1 Son is finished, complete and done. This has to be one of my favourite blankets to hook of all time (well in my limited experience anyhoo!) Would you like a tah-dah? … ok here it is!


I’m totally in love with it and steal it at any given opportunity! It’s everything you could want in a blanket – snuggly, unique (can you see where I ran out of one particular colour and filled in with another??) It even has a relatively straight edge! I did have to tweak the edging slightly to make it straighter and ended up doing two lines of half double crochet but I think it worked.


Now onto something not at all hooky related! In my garden I have a dilapidated shed. It needs a good coat of paint, new roof and basically we’ve been discussing the options (chalet – to fit all my yarn in! or another shed to just store garden equipment) look here it is:


Now you see what I mean – definitely dilapidated – especially next to Little Miss H’s plastic one! Anyway from a humble garden shed came huge – and I mean huge – excitement! Little Miss H and I were in the garden enjoying the weather when we noticed a gap at the top of the door and through that door hopped a robin. A few minutes later it hopped back out again. This went on … and on … with Little Miss H and I watching intently. Every time it came back it had some twigs and other good stuff in it’s beak. A nest must be being constructed we concluded. On we watched – intrigued. I have never had a nest constructed so close to me before and I was in awe of the amount of journeys this small bird made over the next couple of hours. If that was not exciting enough the next day there was an egg in it – sorry I have no photo of the egg, however the next day there were TWO … yes TWO and this is the sight that met me on sneakily opening the door!


Squeeeeee! How excited am I – two perfect eggs. I think robins are meant to have four to five in a clutch so I will be watching intently tomorrow to see if there is another one. I really hope that she manages to sit on her eggs and that we have gorgeous robinlets (not sure of the technical term for baby robins!)  in the garden! Will keep you posted.

Next – more hooky news! I have quite a few pregnant friends at the moment so am now crocheting blankets like mad. One of them wanted a gorgeous white blanket for baby to be Christened in. Now I started ages ago making a plain white lacey blanket – I have to say that it is probably the hardest thing that I have ever crocheted. Not because it is particularly hard but I got bored after about two lines – it is not something that you can do without concentrating – there are four repeating lines but they just haven’t stuck in my brain so I have to look at the chart for every line! I don’t do well at using charts (more of a wing it and see girl!) but anyway I think that I am going to leave it at the size that it is and add the little picot edging. Here is a piccie ably modelled by Jemima (Little Miss H loves to cover her toys with blankets in mid stages and I snapped just at the right time!)



And here is another one which you can see the pattern on


I’m quite please with it but phew it was hard work!!

Got to go now and cook tea before grabbing a bit of hooky time when kids are in bed!

Until next time I’ll be using my binoculars and be on the look out for robinlets!




Spring and the growing of many blankets

Although spring is meant to be here already I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. We still have very cold temperatures, daffodils are still in bloom and snow still lies on the sides of the road in some places where the sun has not reached. So I don’t mind at all that I still have No 1 son’s blanket to finish …. I’m thinking about eight more rows then border. It is looking glorious, bright, cheerful and is lovely and snuggly to crochet underneath.


Even though the weather is missing Spring seems to be bringing new life to the fore – one baby for my sister-in-law due September, two friends due in July and August and September. Phew! It’s all very exciting! New beginnings = more blankets and I may even try my hands at bootees too. I’ve started a white blanket which I am working on alongside the ripple. The pattern is called ‘vintage charm’ and is from ‘The Making Spot’. I’ll give you a work in progress photo when I’ve done more than two rows.

I love the beginnings of spring … Possibly my favourite season with warmer days, new growth, the promise of abundance to come and renewed energy start new projects. So many creative ideas buzzing round my little head I now have to sketch and write them down.


I love this little spot of moss in my parents garden – so green and glorious with silver thrown in for good measure. Can’t you just imagine a fairy sitting in this spot swinging her legs on this little comfy spot.  Sorry, I think I went off on a little ramble all by myself then!

Here’s a little shot of happy in the form of the softest fluffy sheep, ripple blanket and my two chocolate bunnies – there was meant to be a baby one too but Little Miss H discovered it before I could take the photograph of mummy, daddy and baby bunny!

DSCN0759 DSCN0758

What’s your favourite season I wonder?

Until the next time, hope the promise of spring is making your day too.



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