Robin Rescue and a growing blanket

Well hello all! We have had some exciting goings on at the Toadstool recently. Firstly, and most excitingly, we have had four teeny baby robins hatch out of our eggs … At first they are basically all beak but then after only a very few days they turn into sweet bundles of feathers like this … It’s getting a little crowded in the nest now.


Then when we got home tonight one of the small chicks was hopping round the garden, so we scooped him up in a bucket and popped him back into the nest. Mr and Mrs Robin looked on worriedly. However this little chick was not to be beaten … I have named it ‘Persistence’. The use of tea towels and buckets to scoop him up with was hugely impressive but as fast as we deposited him back in the nest he would hop back out again ( for hop read fall). After the fifth time we built a little bridge on the floor so he could at least get back into the shed. I fear for his safety but really, save hand rearing him, there us little we can do. Anyway, all evening we have been on robin rescue high alert.

Surprisingly, this little robin seems to be doing very well. Mr and Mrs Robin are taking their parenting role extremely seriously and are seeking him out to feed him whilst he explores the garden. Doesn’t he look sweet perched on this plant pot with the bridge into the hole in the shed visible in the background. Really we do need to get a new shiny shed, one without gaping holes in it and a proper roof! I’d love a chalet for the bottom of the garden to use as a studio, although once all my glorious yarn was in there you may not see me again, I may just move in! Anyway, don’t you just love the tufts of baby hair still on his head – sweet!



Moving on to other things now – The flowers in my garden are glorious at other moment and I have enjoyed taking ants eye views of them. Here are a few of my faves.

DSCN0851 DSCN0854


And finally, the pastel bobbly blanket is nearly nearly finished so I thought you might like to see how its shaping up. I do so love those bobbles!


The round balls in the background are owls – they just need their eyes and beaks sewn on but the bobbly blanket is thwarting my attempts to finish them! I just would love to have the blanket completed! Never mind, four more squares to go and then I can sew them all together and add the border … then done!

Until next time, I’ll be on Robin Alert and finishing bobbles – what will you be doing?





Well it’s a busy old life here at the toadstool recently! My pretty, lacey, white blanket is still not finished – I think it may be a case of the white yarn faery stealing all my yarn for other things … either that or I’ve just plain run out of steam! So because of this lack of white I decided that it would be best to start yet another blanket – I know, bonkers right? Anyway this one is definitely bobbly and is pink, pale green, pale blue and pale yellow. I think a pale lilac may find it’s way in too. I’m hoping that it will be a blanket of cosiness for one of the new gorgeous babies due to be born in the next few months … here’s a piccie of it’s humble beginnings –


The very first square – they are quite big, 28 stitches across, but I think they are gorgeous! The pattern came out of the 200 Crochet Blocks book that I recently purchased and I am hoping to make my way through many of the blocks as lots of them are stunning and had me ‘ooohing and aaahing’.

Not content on making another blanket I then created another pattern for my fairy gauntlets, they look very 1940’s to me and I can see them in classic grey, but for the timebeing here they are in glorious purple!


DSCN0823 DSCN0828

These were given to a lovely lady as a birthday present which is why they look slightly too big for me as I only have teeny tiny hands!

Wildlife around the toadstool seems to be burgeoning at present – the egg count is now up to four


I haven’t got any more recent photos as Mrs Robin is sitting on them all the time  – it can’t be long before they hatch now. She is quite laid back and allows us to poke our heads into the shed without flying off, although I haven’t chanced my luck with the camera for fear of upsetting her. Will try to get one when she’s facing the other way!


Then a surprise vistor dropped by! Whilst sitting outside enjoying the sunshine Little Miss H and I heard a splash! and when we turned around this is the sight that greeted us –


Yup, taking a swim in the (very mucky) sandpit cum paddling pool was a toad!! Yes I know! I was surprised too! We have no idea where it came from as we are not really near to any streams or rivers – one minute Terence the Toad (we have to name everything! Mrs Robin got off lightly!!) was unknown and now he has taken up residence!

I’m now off to check on the wildlife and maybe get a little more blanket crochet in before bed!

Until next time I hope the sun shines on all of you!



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