Summer is here!

Hello Everyone!

About ten days ago I had given up hope of ever seeing Summer and so I crocheted myself a mini hot water bottle cover. No 1 Son, Little Miss H and I often wander off with a tent in the summer and having a little hot water bottle just makes it that much lovelier. Up until now the HWT had been cuddled nude, but then you always have the first cuddle where it is just too hot. So I solved the problem with this very quick and straightforward make. I double crocheted a long rectangle inserting a row of trebles followed by three chain stitches and leaving a gap of two double crochets before joining them up (hope that makes sense – it did in my head!) to make the gap for the bow to go through and then double crocheted up the edges and voila – there we have it. It still needed a little something so I gave it a multi-coloured fringe … I love it!


In the background you can see the Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hooks that I have been longing for ( the ones I am using do the job just fine but my fingers ache after a while) so I am yearning after these for the comfort factor … oh and have you noticed? They’re PINK!

In typical fashion since making the hot water bottle cover the weather has been beautiful – long sunny days begging to be filled with Barbeques and beach trips, gardening and sitting admiring the roses. Which is exactly what I have been doing!

Our first proper outside barbeque of the year was held at a lovely neighbours house and involved eating these:

DSCN1034 DSCN1033

Oh and this


YUm YuM! Soooo tasty I can’t tell you. Mouthwateringly good and tasting all the finer for being outside in the glorious sunshine with good company and kids that splashed in pools and were as happy as we were.

Since then it has been beautiful weather which has resulted in my garden springing into life and providing me with beautiful roses to ooh and ahh at as well as gorgeous fuschia – one of my favourites.



On the hooky front – I am still dotty!


But growing slowly – about ten more little circles to make into squares now, then the exciting bit arranging them all and popping on a border. Then another blanket will be complete for all the many babies due to all my wonderful friends!

And a SeCreT project which is on the go at the moment which is complete but is a gift to a lovely lady who reads the blog so I can’t possibly show you at this stage! Suffice it to say – it’s summery. That’s it, my lips are now sealed! Feel free to have a guess and I’ll let you know after the gift is presented if you are right!

Until next time, enjoy the weather and keep crocheting!




About Toadstool Tales

Hello, welcome to Toadstool Tales! I am a wife of a lovely man, mother of two who loves to be crafty! I love anything crocheted, vintage, with owls or shrooms. I am inspired by the outdoors and enjoy long walks or long cups of tea after the long walks!! I hope that you enjoy my Toadstool Tales!

6 responses to “Summer is here!

  1. Sabrina Harris

    Loving the dots Emma, can’t wait to see it when your finished xx

  2. Ladybird Diaries

    Gorgeous crochet! Love the little hot water bottle cover.
    M x

  3. strike that…triple yum!

    Stay cool or warm..whichever it is. 🙂

  4. Thanks Astri … Typically beautiful weather here but camping next week so mini hot water bottle will have it’s debut! Hope its lovely where you are x

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