A blissful week in France … and a little crochet!

Well hello all, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather. Last week of the summer holidays … hasn’t it passed in a flash?

We’ve spent the last week in glorious France. This is La Bourbansais zoo in Brittany . A stunning place with a Chateau which you can pay to look inside (sorry, no pictures as we didn’t venture inside as my children were intent on spending their time outside). We had a fantastic time there looking at beautiful animals kept in natural enclosures, watching a falconry display and the dog team display. There was also a little bouncy castle area for smaller visitors. It was a lovely and relaxing day out. 


We also spent time in Dinan … oooh shopping!  This was my favourite shop – a veritable treasure trove. It was fairly small on the inside so I managed to visit for only a short amount of time before the stress of ensuring that Little Miss H didn’t knock anything over became too much for me.


Crepes and Gallettes were eaten a lot that day. Little Miss H took her notebook and some pens so lunch was a chilled affair, sat outside the cafe watching the world go by. Bliss. There was also a sculpture display in one of the little backstreets – Oh how I loved this one. If I could of I’d have taken it home with me – although not sure where I would have put it!


Another day off we went to Mont St Michel. Oh the Abbey and the grounds there are stunning. It was 9 Euros to visit the Abbey (right at the top!) but boy, it was worth every penny. DSCN1413



So peaceful inside and just glorious. Again we were blessed with stunningly beautiful weather.

Now for a little crochet, just a little mind. This is my little basket for a friend who has just had a beautiful baby boy. It includes bootees, owl hat, bobble blanket, little pirate socks and two babygro’s. I hope she’ll like it.


The next picture is a ‘Can you guess what it is yet?’ I’ll give you a very small clue. It was inspired by a notebook that I just couldn’t resist from Paperchase. It just seemed to jump into my basket (yes basket!)  What do you think it might become?


Until the next time, enjoy the stunning weather!




Happy Holidays

Hello all,

I hope are all having a relaxing summer. I know that here at the Toadstool we are doing our best to do just that. We have been ‘staycationing’ (urgh I really don’t like that word!) So without further ado here are a few of the places we’ve visited along the way …

This was a lovely tea shop on the waterfront with great views, the most delicious savoury scones (sorry I ate it all before I got a photo), lovely tea and if you went for the ‘Royal’ option you also got to choose a glass of champagne too – special occassions definitely warrant afternoon tea here!


We have also been back to the campsite ‘glamping’ again. One of my very favourite pastimes. This time we went with a friend. Don’t our tents make a pretty pair?










The light inside is just wonderful – and most importantly not too bright first thing in the morning!



There may also have been fire to keep us warm before bedtime – adults only though as the children were all tucked up by this time. It was really lovely – even Mr Toadstool stayed which is unheard of! Sorry about wonky photos – I seem to be unable to get them to appear next to each other, non-wonkily but a little bit of ‘wonky’ has to be a good thing, right? Unless you’re trying to sleep or sit I suppose, then wonky would definitely not be good. Oh well, for the purposes of this blog – wonky is good.


We’ve also been to another castle – what a beautiful day it was! The sunshine was warm, the kids were happy and all was well with the world. I’m hoping I’m not blinding your retinas with this very bright picture.

Of course no post would be complete without a smidgen of crochet. One of the many babies due has arrived! He was born on 15th August and I made this little owl hat (apologies from the model, she didn’t feel she was looking her best!) – although at 9lb 14oz I’m not sure it will fit him! We’ll have to wait and see as I have not been able to get to see him yet.


Here’s a close up for you. The eyes are a little wonky and next time I’d make the braids longer, but not bad for a first attempt I thought.


And lastly, it is a friends birthday today so I made her a little cheery garland to go with the rest of her presents. Oooh may have to make one of these to actually keep! I have the perfect place for it!


I love pretty things!

The summer seems to be flying away from us at a rate of knots – half way through the holidays already. I have so much to accomplish in the remaining weeks, seems like an impossible task at the moment but I’m sure I’ll get there … breathe and prioritise, breathe and prioritise!

Until next time, enjoy the rest of the summer and take time to breathe!




Hello everyone, lovely to see you back at the Toadstool!

I have had a busy week I can tell you! With kids off for summer holidays it has been non-stop. Fortunately Little Miss H can be persuaded to do a little bit of this …


So I can take advantage and do a little bit of this…


I have so many friends that are having babies at the moment my fingers are on constant alert! And so I have been very busy hooking up lots of baby treats such as these gorgeous little slippers! Oh and these …


Sadly I really like the little pattern on the soles


And this little elf hat too!


One baby blanket is ready and complete with border.


The dotty one is awaiting and looking at me from my pile of what can only be described as hooky related ‘stuff’.


Although most of the pile will disappear once babies have arrived! The blue bootees and hat have already been delivered.  I was very brave and tried a cardigan too – it’s in my ‘work in progress’ pile as typically I ran out of yarn – can you spot it? It is made from the most softest Debbie Bliss cotton – I love the colour – yum. It still needs a few rows along the bottom and the pattern (which I abandoned and just did my own thing instead) had sleeves I kind of like it without. Here it is for a closer look!


My mind is still abuzz with lots of things yet to make it onto my hook … but wait and see … there is bound to be more hooky goodness just around the corner – I’m thinking driftwood and something yarny. Oh and there may be something unexpected coming up soon too!

On the visiting front I’ve been very busy entertaining my gorgeous children and here are some of the interesting things that we have seen …



Dolmens – with Little Miss H being very brave and entering the dark, cool, wet tunnel.


This was the grid over the well next to the dolmen – isn’t it lovely.



Deceased Moles –

I know, who knew that an innocent walk in the woods could end in tragedy. He was lying on the path and beady eyed Little Miss H spotted him. She wanted to take him home with us – I quote ‘ I can be like Doc McStuffins and fix him’ I delicately pointed out that it may be past saving. It was an interesting ‘circle of life’ conversation as I persuaded her to leave it behind in the leaves. Although I did check the bags to ensure that moley hadn’t been smuggled home! Oh and also used a lot of antibacterial handwash. Bless her and bless moley too.


Phew, what a very busy week! I hope that you have had a lovely one and that the weather is being kind.

Until next time, I hope you are fitting in some ‘me-time’. (or should that be hooky time?!)



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