Happy Tatty blanket progress

Hello there everyone! Hope everything with all of you is going swimmingly.

I’m back at home again after a week away in France on an activity adventure with lots of children – I love my job! Here is where we stayed for the week


I know … beautiful huh? I would definitely go back to the area. We stayed in Lac Guerledan which is in the middle of Brittany and were treated to a whole host of activities – mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling to name a few. Such great fun – I tried all of them. Now I love a bit of adventure but I’m not exceedingly fit so I am impressed to say that I managed an 18km bike ride! Think I’ll leave the Tour de France to others!

After I got back my thoughts turned to another passion of mine – yes crochet it is! My sister-in-laws baby is finally here ( a week late!) so I sent off the parcel of crochet goodness. I’ve not heard if it has reached it’s destination yet but fingers and toes crossed that they like it!

Now I am free to concentrate on finishing the Happy Tatty blanket for Little Miss H. It is very, very nearly there. Here it is next to my new purchase from M&S the other day. I’m a sucker for anything with butterflies on it and purple has to be my most favourite colour so I just couldn’t resist this. It really brightens up my table and makes me smile every time I see it.


The granny part of the blanket is all finished and so thoughts went to the border. Oh dear, oh my what to do – bobbles? picot edging? wavy? how to decide. In the end I went for over the top ruffles! Here they are in all their ruffly glory.


I took a gamble and used a variegated yarn for the end row. I am half way there so far and I’ll post a picture of the finished blanket as soon as possible. I would really like it finished now, it seems like an age since I started it! Plus the fact that the festive season is creeping everso slowly towards us and as I have said I will do a few fairs at the end of the year I really need to start working on my stock. Not to mention what to make as stock!! I did a fair last year and the only thing I made for it was a large number of snowflakes – this year I’m hoping to make more items to sell.

It is nice to be back and I’m hoping that blog posts will now become a little more regular!

Until next time I hope all your WIPs are coming along.

Emma x


Booties, blankets and the ‘guess what it is’ reveal!

Well hello all, I hope that the return to school is treating you well. It has been a whirl of activity here at the Toadstool recently – more babies due, more presents made. Here are a few piccies for you!


The dotty blanket is complete and has been packaged up to be sent to my gorgeous sister-in-law for her new babe (yet to arrive – he or she is keeping us all waiting!) Here’s the close-up.DSCN1476

I loveed working on this blanket so much. It was therapeutic and filled with love – just joyous to make.

Little Miss H has been asking me for her very own blanket for ages now and so I have made a start.



Very girlie huh? mostly pink and purple with a little deep red, beige and green thrown in for good measure. It has grown since this picture and I’ll try to get a good one of it again soon. It is worked in the granny stripe style and has been great for using up scraps … so I have called it the ‘Happy, Scrappy, Tatty blanket!’

Next came yet more booties


Yes indeed. These were my newborn ones. Then someone requested sized up ones for a six month old. Yes, I said, of course I can do that. Hmmm – I put my thinking cap on as to how to increase the size and … it worked!


Oh yes, I love these booties! They are made with sparkly white yarn and have blue inners. I am very, very pleased with them – can you tell?!

Okay, now for my reveal!

Firstly, I bought this notebook from Paperchase. I love it a lot – only the addition of toadstools would have improved it in my eyes! I loved the birds and as soon as I saw them ‘crochet’ flashed up in front of my eyes! So I set about making one.



This is my very first attempt. I am not 100% happy with him. He needs to be fatter and the flower needs to be smaller, oh and my french knots for eyes need to be a lot tidier. But nonetheless he does resemble the picture a little bit. There may be another bird to follow shortly – this one will use an oval rather than a circle for the body which should make him fatter and then the flower will be more in proportion too. As for french knots I may have to practice … a lot!

Until next time, keep crocheting!



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