A ‘different’ tah-dah and a flurry of snowflakes at the W.I.

Hello all, I hope you are all well on this blustery day!

What a very busy week I’ve had! A few weeks ago a lovely lady from the W.I. asked me if I would teach – I know … me … teach – crochet to some W.I. members whilst they were on a residential. Of course I couldn’t say no (even though the thought struck , well if not terror at least mild discomfort, into my brain!) so Saturday afternoon found me trundling along with a bag of goodies to see them all.


I had decided that the snowflakes from the lovely Lucy would be a good thing for us to make as chains and double crochets were covered. I gave them all one of my little handmade snowflakes to take away with them attached to my blog address so they could check in with me to see their makes.


Thanks must go to all the lovely ladies for putting up with my (at times) dodgy directions – more practice on the teaching front is definitely required. They all made me feel completely at home and I loved my afternoon. I was very honoured to be asked and teaching is definitely a lot harder than it looks! Here is what they all made during an hour and a half:




Beautiful, brightly coloured and wonderful snowflakes. YUM!

Inspired by everyone’s yarn choices a visit to my local wool shop came next – and I got there just in time too … how lucky!


Rows upon rows of gorgeous yarny colour – oh how I wish I could dive right into it all (especially the glorious clash of reds and pinks!) but I restrained myself as I didn’t want to be banned from never ever again darkening their door!

Next comes the rather strange and odd tah-dah that resulted from hooking up a rainbow. Noone guessed what it might have been so here we are …


I think ‘yarn-storming’ or ‘yarn-bombing’ is what it is officially called – I call it badgering a neighbour until they give in to me and my slightly bonkers ideas and say ‘yes’ to me decorating a dead tree in their garden with yarn! I think that my lovely lady neighbour gets it, not sure if ‘husband’ has seen it in daylight yet!


Many people may call me odd – believe me it is nothing new – but I love it! (shame it isn’t in my garden really but there we go!) Strange, yes, but who can resist a rainbow?!

On that weird and wonderful note I will leave you and do the thing I’m meant to be doing!

Until next time, keep it weird and wacky!



(oh and the W.I. rock!)


Crocheting up a rainbow!

Hello, I know – a midweek post!

Surely not, time to post a blog post, in the middle of the week? What is the world coming to?

Well I just had to share this with you – the days have been grey,dull and rain-filled. No sun to be found so I had to make my own bright and cheery corner.

Here it is



I know, isn’t it yum?

It is growing day by day and I’m saying ‘it’ because ‘it’ may become something a little different, a little unexpected!


Oooh, a stash-busting midweek bit of hooky – what could be better? Any guesses as to what ‘it’ might become?

Sorry for weird layout – my mobile devise is not being very friendly!

Have a lovely week.



A Parliament of Owls … and lots of ‘aaahhhing’!

Hello lovely people!

Hope the weather has not been too wild with you – yesterday with us was windy and very very rainy! Today the sun has come out and it is gorgeous again! (although now it is horrid and rainy again)

At the toadstool owls have taken over! It turns out that one little owl is cute but seven little owls are just … Well… See for yourselves!





How gorgeous are they? If you are very beady eyed you might be able to spot my trial birdie. I’m aiming to make some filled with lavender in sparkly white with pastel coloured wings. I’ll let you see the outcome. I’ve left this little collection in my porch and they make me smile every time I come into the house ( despite the rest of the paraphernalia).

I don’t know about you but the onset of autumn really make me wants to SORT! On the sorting agenda today – Little Miss H’s  dressing up clothes. Here is the ‘before’ picture … Overflowing, messy and strangely compelling – ther is all kinds of treasure in this box!


She’s now 5 and i have some which I know are Waaaay too small and can move on to pastures new! Here is the joyous after picture – neat, tidy and ‘contented sigh’ inducing ( well for me anyway!)


The book shelves need sorting too – they hold all ( well most) of Little Miss H’s games, drawing, puzzles, Play-doh etc. Oh not to mention the huge amount of hair stuff! Now contained in the IKEA white boxes! My previous box was just too small. I don’t know how one small child accumulates so much stuff.


All this tidying has enabled me to reclaim a shelf and sort my crochet books and magazine cuttings. Aaaah, that’s better.

Other hooky news – I’ve just started building stock for Christmas and remembered a gorgeous heart from Lucy which I just had to try – so far, so good.


Flowers need to be added but I am umming and ahhing over colours. What a lot of ‘aaahing’ in this post!

Whatever you are doing on this sunny day I hope it’s making you smile. (at the time of editing this post, due to my photos not showing for some reason, it is now tipping it down with rain. Turns out one day of sun was all we got).

 Until next time, happy sorting!



All about the owls!



Hello all! Well I thought I’d been quiet on the crochet front, I couldn’t really settle to anything new and had lots to finish off. So here we go! Finished Item number 1 is Little Miss H’s Happy Tatty Scrappy blanket


OOOh I do love it so! It has seen lots of use and is just the right size to put around my shoulders as a shawl when I venture outside! (I know it’s not mine but Little Miss H says sharing is caring so ….)

Here are the ruffles! The variegated wool worked a treat on these and I love the colour differences.


Oh and here is a little photo of someone snuggled underneath it (Not me!) She was having a funky toenail day!


So one off the list of to do’s! And onto the next! I had started an owl cushion – pattern from here. I love it lots and thought that I would give it a go. I love the effect that moss stitch gives and loved using up so much of my stash in one project! The eyes were not quite right – I think it was the grey I used (no white left in the stash!) So I started again on them. My owl is slightly bigger than the one in the pattern.


And here is the finished owl – Little Miss H has named him ‘Toot’ and has bagged him!


I’m not entirely happy with him but she is in love and is carrying him everywhere. Just as well he didn’t come out perfect as he was meant to be stock for a forthcoming fair so this way she gets to keep him!

The next thing that I am completing for the fair is …


Yes more owls! Now these little guys are waiting to have eyes, beaks, ears and hangers stitched onto them. They will look like this when they are finished.


Oh, owlie how I love you! The ears just make all the difference!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend … I’m off to get the needle out and finish a few more owlies!

Until next time

Emma x


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