Moving!!!! hopefully

Hello gorgeous people!

Apologies for my prolonged absence. The toadstool is moving … Next week. Consequently there are boxes, piles of ‘stuff’ to be donated to various charities, suitcases overflowing with clothes everywhere, yes everywhere. Everything I own seems to be packed in boxes, except cooking utensils and clothes. Give it another week!


I’d love to be able to show you a piccie but for some reason my tablet won’t let me. So a long line of text it is. Because everything has been packed I can’t even crochet … Wool in box, box buried in garage, crochet hooks … Well goodness only knows!

I do know that in a weeks time I should be able to start unpacking and making our new home ‘ours’. It’s very funny living in a kind of limbo between going and staying … Somehow it feels wrong. No pictures, no books, no ornaments just furniture. Makes you think about how important possessions are. I always subscribed to the ‘ not very’ theory but after this I think I might be changing my mind. I know that I don’t like keeping things for keeping things sake, I know that I keep things that mean something to me, things that resonate with me, special things. ¬†Things like pictures my kids have drawn for me, pictures of my loved ones, things that those that I love have bought for me. I now know that when they are gone I miss them. I am not bothered about the things I thought I might be – the clothes, the Tupperware – nope not bothered. of course if I didn’t have these things my life would be trickier but at this stage I miss the things that I am emotional about and with, not the other ‘stuff’. It has been an interesting month in so many ways.

So in just over a week I hope to bring you a Welcome to the new Toadstool post.


Until then I hope you are dry and warm wherever you are.




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