Hello all,

This shift into Autumn has got me thinking – a lot. I am so lucky – so lucky to be able to share so much with so many different people with so many different interests. Each one of my friends (both in person and blogged!) are so so special to me – from the qualities they bring, the perspective they add and their uniqueness, creativity and ‘themness’. Sorry it’s gonna be a wishy washy sentimental old post from me today!

I was lucky enough to be part of a week where every single person’s oneness was celebrated and accepted. This photograph shows to me challenge, bravery, adventure and excitement all in one.

DSCN3149Okay so you might just see a bunch of kayaks and canoes – I see individuals overcoming their fears, others hiding behind a mask which says ‘I’m fine – I’ve done this before, nothing to worry about’ (that was me!!) and still others revelling in the freedom that a kayak brings. I had a truly exceptional week. In a truly exceptional place. Lac de Guerledan – just beautiful.


This glorious photograph was taken through a window first thing in the morning. So still, so serene. Still takes my breath away.

I do have crochet to share – yes I do. But this is a thank you. A thank you to everyone who reads, who shares, who is part of my journey as well as their own. Near or far – I appreciate you, I am thankful.

Whatever you are doing on this Sunday evening I hope that you are doing it with the knowledge that you make a difference in my life, you are special and you will always be remembered.





On into Autumn

Hello everyone,

Autumn is definitely upon us. While we’ve enjoyed bright sunshine and high temperatures for this time of year there is an unmistakable chill to the wind and the mornings are darker. Part of me mourns the passing of long Summer days but another part of me looks forward to crunchy woodland walks, the lighting of our new stove (once the walls are plastered and decorated!) and the drinking of hot chocolate.



I love this shot! the dappled light shining through the trees makes me happy. This was taken in Puzzlewood near Ross-on-Wye. It was allegedly the inspiration behind Middle Earth and lots of TV programmes have been filmed in these woods (Merlin for one – I loved that programme! Dragons, magic, Camelot – for a Toadstool lover like me it was just fab!) If you get a chance to go and check it out for yourself I highly recommend it. A few tips – expect to get muddy (it is the woods after all!) it is not buggy friendly (200 steps) take your camera … oh and stop at the cafe on the way out!


It really is a very magical place.

Not much crochet has taken place recently but I foresee nights on the sofa snuggled by the fire with a basket of yarn and hook by my side in the near future. Will show you what I’m up to as soon as I have started (oh and found my camera which seems to have vanished!)

Until next time, I’ll be making the most of dry weather!



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