Collaboration and a treat for me!

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s the weekend – yippee! Hope you have all had a good week. Mine has been productive (mostly!)

Just before Christmas my gorgeous sister-in-law and I embarked on a collaborative woolly project . Namely to make granny squares for a blanket to be sent to … well our granny! So we chose colours – originally pastels which then developed into muted pinks, greens, purples, browns and creams (sounds revolting right?) Then when we had finished our ten squares each I collected them all up and tried to suss out a pretty way to connect them. Here they are laid out on my floor pre-joining.

DSCN3348The colours in ‘real life’ are not quite that bold. Can you see my original stripy crocheted one? I wasn’t happy with them – no not one bit. So I put my thinking cap on. How to attach them to help the knitted and crocheted squares blend? An idea formed in my mind of a cream border round each square which when put together would mesh all the colours and help them to work together instead of fighting with each other. Here’s the (nearly) finished product!

DSCN3378 Not quite finished – ends need sewing in (blurrrggghhh!)

DSCN3373I am happier with it though – it reminds me of Neopolitan Ice Cream – I think it’s the brown and the pink and the cream together!

DSCN3381Still a bit more sewing to do to finish sewing all those squares together but getting there. Then there is the ever present question of the edging. A bit more thinking to do on that. I’m thinking wide and lacy to finish it off.

My treat as mentioned in the title is this glorious creation.


Isn’t it perfect? It is from the very talented Baxter and Snow. Her beautiful wine box based creations are stunning. I could quite happily order everything in her shop – I am trying not to!! This ribbon stacker has reformed my old piles of messy ribbon into an organised pretty little area in the corner of my teeny tiny studio (which is freezing cold at the moment!) along with my cheery bunting, pastel lidded storage jars and a few items of Cath Kidston (both presents – I love anything Cath Kidston!) You can just see a few happy stars attached to my mood board if you look really really carefully. Can you tell I love it?

DSCN3366There you go – a closer look! AaaAaRrHhhhH! Organised, tidy, bliss. (Possibly the only part of the room that is!!)

Better be off to finish sewing in those ends, adding edging and then sending off the blanket to my lovely Gran who has been waiting for it for an age!

Until next time, I’ll be finishing those pesky WIP’s!

Emma x






About Toadstool Tales

Hello, welcome to Toadstool Tales! I am a wife of a lovely man, mother of two who loves to be crafty! I love anything crocheted, vintage, with owls or shrooms. I am inspired by the outdoors and enjoy long walks or long cups of tea after the long walks!! I hope that you enjoy my Toadstool Tales!

4 responses to “Collaboration and a treat for me!

  1. Sabrina

    Wow loving the blanket, it’s coming together much better than I thought. Granny will love it. Can’t wait to see it in all it’s glory 🙂

  2. Lovely ice cream colours, I am sure your granny will love it – it looks really soft. Ribbon storage is pretty too – if only we could get these boxes from the source we could make ginormous storage units from them – wouldn’t that be fabulous!

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