Fairy inspired

Hello all – hope the sun is shining down on you on this glorious day! It certainly is here!

I’m continuing down my fairy inspired path and have made a hood – not a bear hood – or a fox hood – this time it’s a pixie inspired hood!


Ah – cute huh? it is just the right kind of shape to be worn by a fairy venturing out into the woods (but maybe not in this weather!) I had to give it tassels – I think I’m becoming slightly obsessed! First there was the tassley bag


And now the tassley hood!


Oh my – how happy these tassels make me! I’m still loving the Pageant wool!

Anyway I’m off to enjoy what’s left of the sunshine today! I’ll leave you with these cuties and wish you a very happy week!


Until next time, I’ll be hunting for fairy inspiration!

Emma x


Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everyone! Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter.

Ours has been relaxed, chilled and a little crafty!

Later there will be a little bit of this:

DSCN3469But first …I love making bread but rarely have the time so that was one of our first jobs this holiday. It was a mixed grain loaf (and yes it was out of a packet but we loved it just the same!)

It started off looking like this.


A little bit of stirring and here it is looking – as Little Miss H said ‘gooey’. She was right!


Then patience was required to let it rise and voila – a yummy loaf of bread was cooked.


It was delicious warm straight from the oven and made excellent toast too – highly recommended!


Little Miss H made herself an Easter Bonnet. I love watching her work – she has a keen sense of pattern and what is right and what is clearly just plain wrong – wish I was a little more like that – I umm and ahh as per my last post for what seems like weeks!!


Then came the making of the bags! While the rest of the household was busy watching the inevitable Easter films I cosied up on the sofa with some Pageant Wool (crinkly and purple and never used before!¬†Gifted from a lovely soul who saw it and thought of me). I must say that I have waited for a while for inspiration to strike – but when it did – wow! I am super thrilled with these faery bags – they have grown out of my imagination and my love for all things fae. I hope you like them too – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.




Oh my glitter! I love them – will need to be making more of them – pronto! If you come across Pageant Wool it looks tough to work with – it’s crinkly … very crinkly … but it is lovely to work with and the colours – oh my! Suffice to say – I love the wool and I love the bags!! Can you tell??!!

My host of angels – or gathering of fairies (whichever you prefer!) has also grown this week. I love them! I really hope others will too. These little lovelies are destined for new homes (hopefully!).


That’s my Easter Week pretty much complete! Although I do have a little secret something up my sleeve to reveal – hopefully next time. It’s cute – maybe even twee – but gorgeous nonetheless! I love building stock for the next fair – it’s leading me to some fabulous discoveries. I hope you like them too.

Until next time, keep creating!

Emma x

Umming and Ahhing!

Hello all in blogland! Nice to see you – I hope the Easter Holidays are treating you well. It’s been a mixture here – sometimes bright, sometimes breezy (very!) and sometimes a little drizzly. I have been in a procrastinating mood – what to make next? So many ideas – so little time! Jack was no help at all – he prefers to snooze the day away!

DSCN3418I settled on making a few more of these little sweeties – every single one of them is different. I don’t have a ‘cutter’ so I hand shape each of them, decide on the saying I want and the pattern on the wings. Then leave them to dry (at the moment with the weather we are having it takes about three days.) Then I give them a little colour on their wings, their gorgeous smiley faces and their hair. Hair is the most problematic! Takes a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to get the outliner to curl and just when you think you’ve cracked it it bungs up and goes gunky! (not a technical term but the best I have!!)


I’ve also been playing with this monster (excuse the messy playroom behind it that I have commandeered while I practice!)



I was thrilled to be given the chance to use this beautiful thing! It is a ‘Great Wheel’ otherwise known as a ‘Walking Wheel’. It’s kind pre-dates the spinning wheel with the treadle – this was added later. The Great Wheel can, I believe, be dated back to Medieval Times. I am furiously spinning (not as easy as it looks when you have to sort out spinning the wheel with one hand and teasing the wool with the other) to get ready for a season with The Companie of the Duke’s Leopards at Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey. I’m the spinner with the Companie and this wheel is as tall as I am!

I hope that you are all ready for Easter – my Easter tree is back up – but that is as far as it goes I’m afraid!


Can you see the very cheeky angel propped against the bottom gate crashing my photo? I must be more organised (she repeats over and over!).

I’m building stock for a fair in the Summer – two hoods done. Angels are multiplying, my next make looms – I have an idea in my head for a fairy bag and I have the perfect yarn to make it with – we’ll see what happens, wish me luck!

Until next time, I wish you all a very Happy Easter … and lots of Chocolate!

Emma x


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