Fairy Inspired!

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the extremely long break – I lost my charger for my camera!! So no photos to show = no interesting blog posts! Thankfully – I’m back!! Thanks to Mr Toadstool who graciously lent me the use of his very flashy Canon – I can point and press but only just.

I have some yummy photos to share with you (thanks to Mr T and his lovely Canon!) – all fairy inspired.

I’ve been making elf hoods and persuaded Little Miss H during a walk in the woods to model one! I love the woods – especially when accompanied to my fave woods with Little Miss H!


Oh yes -it is really that cute in real life – all mermaid coloured and yummy next to the stunning foxgloves! – A fae flower if ever there was one!!

It has a little wooden button with the same colours painted as flowers on it (apologies for not getting a photo of it – my model ran out of go-go juice!)

Oh ok just one more for the faeries amongst you!


The little button with fastening allows it to be done up (as shown) or left open if the weather is warmer. As we were in the woods it was a little chilly in the shade!

On the Faery scene I also managed to get a little piccie of the faery bags that I have been making recently – the woods do add that extra dimension to them. They have now been lined with owlie fabric! You can just see it poking out above the conical bag – I have to say it is very cute!


I think I may have found my ‘brand’! Woodland with a touch of fairy – think that just about covers it!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful half term!

Until next time, I’ll be looking for the fae!

Emma x

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