Something I built myself!

hello gorgeous fairy people!

do you remember this …


Aha, it came in the most beautiful box (it was beautiful to me … Even if it was battered and beaten!)

When I opened it this is what was in it!


Oooh lots of gorgeousness!


Ahhh so many bits! And yes I was going to do it myself – with the use of a hammer and a screw driver.


Beginning to take shape – starting to look more like a spinning wheel.


And there she is in all her shiny newness. It makes me smile just looking at it! So then I got to do the fun bit … Actually spin!

Here is my first skein of merino plied with a brown Manx loagthan than I spun on the walking wheel.

I mixed the colours with my carders … Dark blue, mid blue, light blue and a little green. So it’s a little bit uneven and some bits have more twist than others but I’m ridiculously pleased with it!!

That’s all of the spinning that I’ve done – I’ve also done a little plying of plain brown loagthan but that’s not as colourful!

Progress on my blanket has been, well slower than I’d hoped! Distracted by a shiny new spinning wheel! It’s growing slowly and more colours are being added. The brights against the soft really pop … I think (hope) they’ll work!


Here’s a couple of the beautiful island I am lucky enough to call home.


Ahhhh, I love this photo … You can’t tell but I was hiking with 15 children!! We got back to our base just before the big black cloud reached us!

The next day I woke to this. The brightest of green grass and a smattering of sunshine amongst the grey.


Until next time lovely folk, I’ll be trying to complete my blanket ( without giving in to the lure of the spinning wheel!!)

Emma x


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