Fairy inspired

Hello all – hope the sun is shining down on you on this glorious day! It certainly is here!

I’m continuing down my fairy inspired path and have made a hood – not a bear hood – or a fox hood – this time it’s a pixie inspired hood!


Ah – cute huh? it is just the right kind of shape to be worn by a fairy venturing out into the woods (but maybe not in this weather!) I had to give it tassels – I think I’m becoming slightly obsessed! First there was the tassley bag


And now the tassley hood!


Oh my – how happy these tassels make me! I’m still loving the Pageant wool!

Anyway I’m off to enjoy what’s left of the sunshine today! I’ll leave you with these cuties and wish you a very happy week!


Until next time, I’ll be hunting for fairy inspiration!

Emma x


Busy, busy, busy!

Hello everyone! Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter.

Ours has been relaxed, chilled and a little crafty!

Later there will be a little bit of this:

DSCN3469But first …I love making bread but rarely have the time so that was one of our first jobs this holiday. It was a mixed grain loaf (and yes it was out of a packet but we loved it just the same!)

It started off looking like this.


A little bit of stirring and here it is looking – as Little Miss H said ‘gooey’. She was right!


Then patience was required to let it rise and voila – a yummy loaf of bread was cooked.


It was delicious warm straight from the oven and made excellent toast too – highly recommended!


Little Miss H made herself an Easter Bonnet. I love watching her work – she has a keen sense of pattern and what is right and what is clearly just plain wrong – wish I was a little more like that – I umm and ahh as per my last post for what seems like weeks!!


Then came the making of the bags! While the rest of the household was busy watching the inevitable Easter films I cosied up on the sofa with some Pageant Wool (crinkly and purple and never used before! Gifted from a lovely soul who saw it and thought of me). I must say that I have waited for a while for inspiration to strike – but when it did – wow! I am super thrilled with these faery bags – they have grown out of my imagination and my love for all things fae. I hope you like them too – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.




Oh my glitter! I love them – will need to be making more of them – pronto! If you come across Pageant Wool it looks tough to work with – it’s crinkly … very crinkly … but it is lovely to work with and the colours – oh my! Suffice to say – I love the wool and I love the bags!! Can you tell??!!

My host of angels – or gathering of fairies (whichever you prefer!) has also grown this week. I love them! I really hope others will too. These little lovelies are destined for new homes (hopefully!).


That’s my Easter Week pretty much complete! Although I do have a little secret something up my sleeve to reveal – hopefully next time. It’s cute – maybe even twee – but gorgeous nonetheless! I love building stock for the next fair – it’s leading me to some fabulous discoveries. I hope you like them too.

Until next time, keep creating!

Emma x

Umming and Ahhing!

Hello all in blogland! Nice to see you – I hope the Easter Holidays are treating you well. It’s been a mixture here – sometimes bright, sometimes breezy (very!) and sometimes a little drizzly. I have been in a procrastinating mood – what to make next? So many ideas – so little time! Jack was no help at all – he prefers to snooze the day away!

DSCN3418I settled on making a few more of these little sweeties – every single one of them is different. I don’t have a ‘cutter’ so I hand shape each of them, decide on the saying I want and the pattern on the wings. Then leave them to dry (at the moment with the weather we are having it takes about three days.) Then I give them a little colour on their wings, their gorgeous smiley faces and their hair. Hair is the most problematic! Takes a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to get the outliner to curl and just when you think you’ve cracked it it bungs up and goes gunky! (not a technical term but the best I have!!)


I’ve also been playing with this monster (excuse the messy playroom behind it that I have commandeered while I practice!)



I was thrilled to be given the chance to use this beautiful thing! It is a ‘Great Wheel’ otherwise known as a ‘Walking Wheel’. It’s kind pre-dates the spinning wheel with the treadle – this was added later. The Great Wheel can, I believe, be dated back to Medieval Times. I am furiously spinning (not as easy as it looks when you have to sort out spinning the wheel with one hand and teasing the wool with the other) to get ready for a season with The Companie of the Duke’s Leopards at Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey. I’m the spinner with the Companie and this wheel is as tall as I am!

I hope that you are all ready for Easter – my Easter tree is back up – but that is as far as it goes I’m afraid!


Can you see the very cheeky angel propped against the bottom gate crashing my photo? I must be more organised (she repeats over and over!).

I’m building stock for a fair in the Summer – two hoods done. Angels are multiplying, my next make looms – I have an idea in my head for a fairy bag and I have the perfect yarn to make it with – we’ll see what happens, wish me luck!

Until next time, I wish you all a very Happy Easter … and lots of Chocolate!

Emma x


Branching Out!

I have been experimenting of late. A chance encounter with some air drying clay led me to creating something different to my normal crochet! I gathered all my equipment together in this sunny (well it was trying to be sunny!) place.


Ah the place I love the most (outside wall and fence need painting but inside – I love!) And while pootling I created these. Let me know what you think ok?


One shroom! Close to my heart and at this stage not quite finished! It now has a few more flowers, a repainted but still distressed door and glitter shining from the window.


One sparkly teeny tiny sign. Awaiting the wire to hang it with and the addition of some teeny tiny beads too.


Another teeny tiny sign – as above!

Many moons ago I used to paint angels with glass paint – here’s one


With the clay I wondered – could I create something similar? could I? It turns out – yes happily I could and here she is now (I’m especially proud of her – can you hear the drum roll?)


Tah Dah! Oh how I love this little angel! She is rustic and I love love love her! In fact I love her so much that I am making her a family! She will eventually hang but for now she sits – propped angelically up next to a candle.

I love making things out of air drying clay almost as much as crochet! (but not quite.)

Until next time, I’ll be building a family of angels and shrooms!

Emma x

The finished Granny blanket!

Hello everyone out there- I hope you are all well and dandy!

I only have a small but lovingly crafted item to show you today – the collaborative knitty and crochety (I know – not a word!) Granny blanket. Twenty squares of muted gorgeousness! I’m so pleased with how it turned out.


The cream outline of each square helped the blanket to gel together and the delicate wide border sets it off beautifully. Don’t ask me how I did it because rather daftly I made it up and didn’t write it down (will I ever learn?).  So once again (like the grey baby sampler blanket) I won’t be able to check back when I want to use it for something else – grrr!


Here’s an up close shot of the border. I do love it lots. This blanket has surprised me – I never expected it to work out as well as it has!


It’s also very soft and snuggly and a stash buster. I used an assortment of wool for this creation – some Debbie Bliss no less (the muted pink and the brown) as well as others that I has squirrelled away for a rainy day!

All that remains now is to post it to my gorgeous Granny!

Until next time, I’ll be nipping to the post office.

Emma x

Collaboration and a treat for me!

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s the weekend – yippee! Hope you have all had a good week. Mine has been productive (mostly!)

Just before Christmas my gorgeous sister-in-law and I embarked on a collaborative woolly project . Namely to make granny squares for a blanket to be sent to … well our granny! So we chose colours – originally pastels which then developed into muted pinks, greens, purples, browns and creams (sounds revolting right?) Then when we had finished our ten squares each I collected them all up and tried to suss out a pretty way to connect them. Here they are laid out on my floor pre-joining.

DSCN3348The colours in ‘real life’ are not quite that bold. Can you see my original stripy crocheted one? I wasn’t happy with them – no not one bit. So I put my thinking cap on. How to attach them to help the knitted and crocheted squares blend? An idea formed in my mind of a cream border round each square which when put together would mesh all the colours and help them to work together instead of fighting with each other. Here’s the (nearly) finished product!

DSCN3378 Not quite finished – ends need sewing in (blurrrggghhh!)

DSCN3373I am happier with it though – it reminds me of Neopolitan Ice Cream – I think it’s the brown and the pink and the cream together!

DSCN3381Still a bit more sewing to do to finish sewing all those squares together but getting there. Then there is the ever present question of the edging. A bit more thinking to do on that. I’m thinking wide and lacy to finish it off.

My treat as mentioned in the title is this glorious creation.


Isn’t it perfect? It is from the very talented Baxter and Snow. Her beautiful wine box based creations are stunning. I could quite happily order everything in her shop – I am trying not to!! This ribbon stacker has reformed my old piles of messy ribbon into an organised pretty little area in the corner of my teeny tiny studio (which is freezing cold at the moment!) along with my cheery bunting, pastel lidded storage jars and a few items of Cath Kidston (both presents – I love anything Cath Kidston!) You can just see a few happy stars attached to my mood board if you look really really carefully. Can you tell I love it?

DSCN3366There you go – a closer look! AaaAaRrHhhhH! Organised, tidy, bliss. (Possibly the only part of the room that is!!)

Better be off to finish sewing in those ends, adding edging and then sending off the blanket to my lovely Gran who has been waiting for it for an age!

Until next time, I’ll be finishing those pesky WIP’s!

Emma x





Lovely walks and crafting!



Hello all you lovely folk!

Hope that you all had a wonderful week – Half Term Holidays, I love them! Time to chill, walk, read, crochet and craft with my gorgeous children (well one of them at least!)

This is a little creation that I made a while back – hearts and roses. The little sign says ‘Grandchildren Spoilt here’ – I think it needs to be a little bigger really but I liked it non the less.


I finished the small stripey hottie cover this week too. Here it is looking squidgy!


Although not sure at first it is growing on me and I am very happy with it. I hope the lovely lady it is destined for likes it. The back is different to the front so if she reads this at least one side will be a surprise!

We decorated paperclay stars – if you haven’t tried paperclay it is amazing stuff! Lightweight, durable and easier to mould than other air drying clay.


There was a lot of this during the week:


Aaaahh – lovely St Ouens. Every time I set foot on this beach my body zings (it is usually very windy!) my soul sours and my heart sings. All my niggles are left in the car park and I think, not for the first time, how lucky I am to live on beautiful Jersey.

My lovely friends stayed in a Heritage Property for two nights over the weekend. Kempt Tower. It was stunning inside but I only managed these shots through the window!



Don’t worry – It wasn’t damp anywhere else but these window ledges!

Whatever you’ve been doing over the week I hope you have had lots of fun.

Until next time, I’ll be finishing another WIP!

Emma x









Fascinators and a little stripeyness!

Hello all in blogland. I hope you are all keeping warm and snuggly on this grey rainy day. I have the lurgy so am feeling very sorry for myself. Lots of honey and lemon drinks, fireside snoozing, crochet and a film with Little Miss H is on my agenda for this afternoon.

In the meantime I wanted to pop on by to show you what I’ve been up to recently. A lovely colleague of mine recently gave me a challenge. She was off to a wedding and was wearing black and cream. She had a black fascinator which she wanted to add some cream to and with me being a crafty sort of gal thought I might be able to help.

Featured image

Here it is looking pretty in black. I tried many (many) ways to attach the little cream feathers. But first I sewed around the bases to give me something to ‘grab’.

Featured imageThey needed to be able to be detached easily – I tried stitching them to the net – no good. I tried the teeniest bit of glue – no good. In the end I came up with this.

Featured image

I attached them to a piece of black embroidery thread before winding the thread round the base of the net rose and tying it off – this way the feathers were secure but would also be easy to detach. – phew!

Featured image

It was tricky to get a photograph of them – so here’s another one for you to peruse! I was quite pleased with the finished result.

Featured image

On my hook at the moment is this little stripey cosy. I love the grey and the bright colours – no pattern – just random stripes whenever I feel like them.

Featured image

This shot was taken on a day a lot sunnier than this one!! I love daffs – they instantly cheer my house up and make me smile. Here’s another little shot of the stripes – just rows of double crochet measured to fit – looking a little wonky but infinitely cheery!

Featured image

Now I’ve shared I’m off to locate that hot honey and lemon, whack another log on the stove, grab a snuggly crochet blanket and watch something lovely with my girlie!

Until next time, I’ll be keeping snuggly!

Emma x

Pootling and pondering!

Well hello there all your gorgeous people out there in blogland. I hope that you are having a happy day. I have some very strange free time this week due to my girlie being poorly. She slept for two hours yesterday .. in the daytime … and then slept all night too. Let me tell you that this is most unusual! She’s now absolutely fine and pootling around the house happily with small plastic objects being distributed all over – mostly cars!


I took advantage of the peace and quiet, not to mention being home in the daytime, to do just a smidgen more hood creation. I started this one as a ‘Hello Kitty’ experiment but let me tell you that starting in the dim light of the lounge led me to choose not white, but cream yarn. By the time I’d discovered my mistake it was too late to turn back so I kept going and waited for inspiration to hit.


Is it a furry bear/ is it a white lion? who knows. But I do know one thing – I love it! I’d forgotten how much I love using wool as a fringe. Oh the happiness.

My next mission is to make a hot water bottle cosy for a lovely aunt who nagged requested me to make one for her after seeing this creation of mine.


So of course I will oblige. What colour to make? Hmm tricky! I eventually decided on stripey! A piccie of the finished cosy will follow – soon I hope.

I haven’t made a blanket for a long time – over the years I’ve made a few – here are my favourites





Oh the spotty, the stripey and the rippley! I love them all. The top one was made for my new nephew (over a year ago) the second – well that’s mine! and the third is my son’s ripple which forever resides on his bed. I can’t decide what I want to make next – suggestions would be welcomed.

I will go and ponder and see where my pondering leads to!

Until next time, happy making!

Emma x

Absences and Opportunities

Hello everyone – many apologies for my long absence. I would like to say that I’m travelling around the world or having an amazing time at an artists retreat but the honest truth is I just don’t seem to have had any time to post. I know – rubbish! Anyway now I’m back and here is some of what I have been up to.

Firstly, just before Christmas Little Miss H and I were trying to wrack our brains for a ‘different’ present for her gorgeous teacher. This is what we came up with – personalised notepad number one. This is the very beginning rainbow stage. We then stuck on some silver alphabet stickers to spell out her name and stuck some sticky back plastic over the top of it all. We were very pleased with our labours and I think that her teacher liked it too.



Next there was more animal hood creating.


Another bear hood with button. Please excuse the messy table!


Funny light in this one! Little bunny hood – it had a pink button added to the top and a pom-pom for the tail! This one was for Little Miss H – she was delighted. And just in time for the wintry weather.


And just because I’d experimented with one pom-pom I thought that I’d add them the next bear hood I made – I delivered it today and the lovely lady was thrilled.


Now I didn’t actually make this – I ordered it from a very talented lady in Jersey for Christmas. I loved it so much that it is still in situ (as are the fairy lights! – couldn’t bear to take them down – we all need a little sparkle in our lives and this is mine!)

Now for the opportunities. I have always loved history and pay regular visits to our magnificent castles and other historical sites (Hamptonne Country Life Museum where ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ was filmed and a dolmen called La Hougue Bie being among my favourites). I was given the opportunity back in September to join a medieval reenactment group in Jersey and jumped at the chance. My role was as a spinner – now I have never properly spun anything before but my Mum used to and I thought that I could always ask her for tips. Well it turns out that I am spinning on a ‘Great Spinning Wheel’, also known as the ‘Walking Wheel’ which is actually bigger than I am! Instead of sitting spinning you turn the wheel by hand and feed the wool at the same time. Now I didn’t have time to get any photos at the end of last year as the season had finished but when the new season starts I’ll post some pictures. How could I refuse this fantastic opportunity – two of my loves (history and yarn) at the same time! Since then I have been driven to find out more about traditional crafts and so for Christmas asked for a lace making kit.


Here are my bobbins all ready to be ‘spangled’ – I think that is the right term! This gives weight to the bobbins and stops them moving around too much when you are lace-making. I am using the bobbins and the wire and beads from the pack – all of which are plastic. In time and when I have practised with these maybe I’ll invest in some wooden ones – especially if I am using it in reenactment – plastic is not really the look I want!

The only thing that I have made from scratch is my bolster or pillow. The pack came with a cardboard thing and a bit of polystyrene and I didn’t think that I could pass that off as anything like traditional so I searched, and I searched and eventually I came up with something that I am happier with. This is my bolster pillow (stuffed with woollen felt). The research that I did revealed that there is a huge amount of pillows and bobbins that have been used through the ages but that the bolster may (I’m not claiming to be an expert on this!) have been the one that was used from the earliest date. I have stuck to the pattern that I was given with the kit – we’ll see how I get on!


I’ll keep you posted with details of my progress. My first job is to attach the spangles to the bobbins – very tricky – trying to do this with my bare hands did not go well!! So I will raid hubby’s tool kit for an appropriate implement!

I love it when life throws you something unexpected! (well most of the time anyway!!) and new opportunities open up that previously you would not have thought possible.

Until next time, I’ll be grabbing opportunities with both hands!

Emma x

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