Hearts and stars!! … progress

Hello all in blogland! Hope you are all enjoying the weather. Hasn’t it been glorious recently? I love the sparkles in the water – No 1 Son took this shot.


I am really well – can’t believe it has been nearly three weeks since my last post – I have no excuse really – is it me or is time going very quickly at the moment?!!

I have been finishing off a multitude of orders for my tatty stars and have been busy creating more to sell at a small craft fair in September. I do have a very soft spot for them. Gingham stars are my favourite – especially the blue ones.






Here is Mr Flamingo supervising the cutting of the fabric! ( We have the most original names for toys in this house!!)DSCN2513

I also have been creating crochet adorned hearts too .DSCN2498


Question for you – do they need leaves do you think??! I can’t make up my mind!

Now onto leaves of the proper kind! I am loving discovering what is growing in my garden. Here are the peas that I am waiting patiently to pick.DSCN2506

And here are the raspberries (I think!!) I also have blackberries and have exhausted the supply of strawberries and potatoes. Sadly the sunflowers didn’t make it (Pesky slugs!) I love eating my own grown food. I think there is something enormously satisfying about knowing where your food comes from, knowing that no chemicals have been used to produce it – makes eating it even better.DSCN2512

My last shot today is of the little owl bodies … they are waiting to be stuffed and embroidered but star and heart making have somewhat taken over!


Gearing up now for the Summer Holidays where things can be finished (I hope). It’s not like me to have so many projects on the go at the same time and I do find it a little disconcerting.

Can’t wait to show you some completely finished articles of crochet!!

Until then, enjoy the sun and relax!








Experiments and the problem of armholes!





Hello all!

It’s half term here at the moment and we are enjoying some sunshine and some of the inevitable rain! I’ve decided to play around to see if I like bigger photos appearing on my blog – I hope they don’t impact on my loading time. Please shout if they do.

So here, to get us all feeling summery is my newly sized photo – ahh beach. Albeit a bit cloudy it was still warm. Little Miss H still enjoyed digging and making mermaids out of the sand.



After my successful experiment with the mandala I was feeling brave – possibly a little over confident – but very brave. Little Miss H has had a cardigan since she was teeny which she still wears today (she’s now 6!) It now is more of a bolero than a cardi but she still loves it. Several thoughts went through my brave little mind, one of them being ‘I could make her a bigger one – how hard can it be?’ I could see that it had been made in pieces but decided to give it a go in one rectangle.




Apologies for the strange colours in my pictures – it’s the same top honest.

‘Ok’ I thought ‘Now to shape the top’ … then a horrible thought struck me – just as I was starting to feel all pleased with myself! ‘Hang on a minute – armholes! She’ll need armholes!’ and with that I promptly had to frog the entire top piece to take off the circly bits. Boo hoo. Miffed does not cover it! So now it is sat on my kitchen work surface – waiting. Waiting for inspiration to strike. I’m sure my armholey dilemma will solve itself soon but until then I’ll have to get used to a half made blue cardigan staring balefully at me from the kitchen worktop.

To cheer myself up yesterday I went on a treasure finding expedition! Oh how I love the warehouse style charity shop. Look at my lovely finds. Veritable treasure indeed!


I love the spotty jug – it called out to me – very loudly in fact! So it just had to come home. The napkins were actually what I was looking for really. I have a cunning plan for them – you’ll have to bear with me though while I scavenge a few more! I love the hand embroidered one at the bottom. I wonder who made it – whether it was used all the time or just for special occasions. I build a picture in my mind of the person who made it – little old lady living in a beautiful thatched cottage with an armchair in front of an open fire. (possibly not the most imaginative I could be but nevermind!)


Sooo pretty! The blue flowery napkins remind me of Dutch pottery.




Last but by no means least are the wicker hearts in the background. I have a yearning to add crochet flowers to these. Or maybe something to hang in the middle of them – hmmm my creative mind is a buzzing!

Anyhoo – best be off to complete Little Miss H’s school project – under the sea scape. Imagine lots (and I mean lots) of glue, cellophane in sea like colours, seaweed style plastic (recycled from a bottle) and fish cut out of sparkly card and you’ll see the potential for a huge mess in the conservatory! Especially as the cellophane seems to be reacting with the PVA glue and going a little ‘gloopy’ for want of a better word!

Until next time, I’ll be treasure hunting!



Eggs and Happy Days

Well, I know that Easter has passed and back to school we all go this week but I hope you all had a good one. I have no crochet to show this time (where did those holidays go?) but I thought I’d show you a little Easter montage instead!

First off, after my last post, I decided to experiment with ‘twee’ and because it was Easter it seemed that a painted blown egg was calling me. I have never ever blown an egg before but it is actually fairly easy if you are gentle with it! I only broke one in my experiments! What to paint on the egg – well a toadstool of course.




Okay so yes they are completely twee – but I still absolutely love them! The kids were fascinated with how light they were when compared to a normal egg.

They formed part of my little Easter display that was moved round the house – started in the conservatory but then went to the hall because I loved seeing it when I walked through the door. Mr Toadstool is talking about removing the radiator cover in the hall but I love putting things on it so if it goes I will be very sad! (And will have to put up a shelf or get a small table instead!!)


One of the lovely things about our new house is the area that surrounds it. Little Miss H and I try to go for a wander round the lanes after tea most nights (well when it’s not horrid weather anyway). Here are some of the beautiful views we encounter on our travels.


Oh how I love open fields. I especially love them when they have tall grass or wheat growing in them – I put this down to watching too much ‘Little House on the Prairie’ when I was little! Google the opening titles and you’ll see what I mean.


Stunning granite properties border the route – I think this one is ‘La Presse’ and I would guess that it would have housed a cider press in time past.



I love the wheel in the back of this property – it is just visible from the road. The owners must have wondered what I was doing.

I was given some beautiful roses on Easter Sunday by my Mum. They’re so vibrant.


And my final pictures of this post are of my Little Miss H celebrating the weather – the water was coming over the sea wall and we were wave dodging. There was so much spray that we came back to the car a little on the damp side. This beach is about two minutes down the road from me. So lucky to live where we do.



Next time I hope to show you a nearly complete Sampler Blanket – I’m in the middle of joining squares together at present and then onto the edging. I’ve got a commission for owlie bunting and a scarf so need to get a wiggle on!

Until next time, keep munching through those Easter eggs!



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