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Hello strangers! Only me!!

So sorry it has taken me so very long to post – the only excuse I have is that I was making this lovely lot for Spice Treasures and Trade Art and Music Festival which takes place this weekend. This was my trial run set up on the dining room table on Sunday. I couldn’t quite believe that all my makes fit on this one table. IMG_6818


Would you like a closer look at what I have been up to? Yes – oh ok then. First off there came the flowery brooches.IMG_6819

The blackboard sign was written and sits behind the hoods.IMG_6820


Then owlies were hung with little angel pegs – oh and a fairy joined the gang!IMG_6821

The rest of the owlies hung out in a little basket!IMG_6823

Here is a bigger picture of hoods and owlies!IMG_6822

The rest of the angels also sat in their basket next to the owls.IMG_6824

More paper clay decorations sat in another basket (pretty glittery stars, little butterflies and others).IMG_6825

Told you there were butterflies! You can’t see but they have a touch of glitter in them. (Can you see the spinning wheel hiding in the background?!)IMG_6828


I thought I’d leave you with the thing that started my paper clay journey – the angels. This one is my little angel that resides in the conservatory.IMG_6829

I hope you’ve liked the trip around my little stall – I am setting it up in the Bell Tent so it will definitely be a unique setting. I’ll try to post more photos after the event (still no camera charger so I am still using Mr Toadstool’s rather large camera!).

Until next time, I’ll be madly packing for the festival!!

Emma x


Glitches, Christmas crochet and a smattering of flowers!

Hello everyone in Blogland!

I have spent ages trying to get my computer to upload photos for you all to see -out of the twelve pictures that I attempted to download these were all I managed (in an hour an a half!) for some reason the downloads kept erroring – wonder if anyone else has had this problem? Anyway as I have an unexpected afternoon at home today due to Little Miss H being sent home with ‘the pox’ (now I’m not sure if it is pox of the chicken variety) I thought it would be a perfect time to update the blog.

I thought that I’d show you some of the photos from the little fayre that I went to last Sunday. I was very pleased the way my little stall turned out.DSCN1775



Here is a little corner of it ( you can’t see the picture of the whole stall as typically it refused to download!)! I discovered that individual snowflakes sell better than garlands ( I came back with all the garlands but no individual snowflakes at all!) Then there were my lavender hearts – top tip: if you put the lavender in an organza bag before you fill the hearts it doesn’t leak out. Oh and patterns for both snowflakes and hearts can be found over on the lovely page of Attic 24.DSCN1774

I also took my little owlies with me … and they all sold out within half an hour of the fayre opening! I must make more next time. My porch looks bare now so I am picking out my favourite colours to make some more!DSCN1597

Here are the little needle felted toadstools with the hanging loops ( my stalls always have toadstools on them and these are the diddiest ones ever!) – these little cuties sold before the doors had opened so noone really saw them! I need to make more!DSCN1776

After the excitement of the weekend I have really enjoyed crocheting up a little bundle of flowers – I have a commission to do for a very lovely lady who wants a garland of flowers to go around the inside of a yurt. She wanted them in the colours of the chakras – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. I have used a little creative licence and a few pink ones have crept in there too. I am trying to use varying degrees of the colours and different flower designs too. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out!DSCN1783The stocking you can see was blanket stitched by Little Miss H – I was super impressed and she has already requested to do more! 

This afternoon holds baking, stitching and possibly a smidgen of crochet as well as playing games and liberally applying cream to spots as often as required!

Until next time, I hope that you are all tucked up safe, healthy and warm.

Emma x

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