Mermaid party’s and more baby blankets!

Hello all! Hope you are all enjoying the bright, if blustery, weather! I have taken five fifteen minutes while both children are occupied with technology to send you a very short longish blog post!

Here’s what I have been frantically trying to finish recently.



Yup, Little Miss H decided no other party bags would do … so sewing machine at the ready I made twenty of these teeny bags for all her friends. Oh the wonder of calico and ribbon. I was really pleased with the way they turned out and all her friends seemed happy too.  Although going to the shop and buying the plastic ones would have been easier I think these will get far more use, won’t end up as landfill and made my girlie happy – all in all worth the effort.

Her party was mermaid themed and although I did not take too many pictures of the actual festivities I did manage to get one of the cake before it was presented to her. This beautiful cake was made by a super talented friend of mine. The picture does not fully do it justice – it was glittery and sparkly in real life and the little yellow spots were actually the most beautiful shells. Just stunning. In Little Miss H’s words ‘You’ve blown my mind!’ I know – too cute!


So after all the cake had been eaten by friends and family I needed something yummy but sweet to put in lunchboxes and these flapjacks fitted the bill perfectly.


Yes they have copious amounts of golden syrup – but Hey they were gluten free… oh and they involved the children (yes even my biggest!) so happy days!


Ahh now this is more like it! A little bit of glorious crochet to relax and rejuvenate after all of the manic party throwing. This piccie was taken just before I sewed all the squares together and added the border. (for where the pattern came from have a gander at my last post!!)



Ah, it was so snuggly! I just couldn’t help but stretch it out on my favourite chair with the night night owl.


Sorry for the overload of pictures but it’s not often that something works out the way you picture it in your mind! Joining the squares together was inspired by Sandra at Cherry Heart and was used for her gorgeous sampler blanket. I did it slightly differently as I worked double crochets into the finished squares to make them 24 dc long before trying to add in the join (sorry if that make’s no sense – if you read Sandra’s instructions it will do!) Then because I couldn’t access the internet I made up my own edging.


I used a 4mm hook to make my blanket and it took 8 (I know 8!!) balls of Sirdar Snuggly wool. I gave it to the lovely lady it was intended for this morning and I am happy to report that she loved it. (Phew!)

My next project will be revealed shortly (also might be a present!! so under wraps at the moment – ha ha!!) then I want to make a pretty mandala to send off to Lucy from Attic 24 for Yarndale this year! Busy busy busy!!

Until next time lovelies, enjoy the sun.





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