Lovely walks and crafting!



Hello all you lovely folk!

Hope that you all had a wonderful week – Half Term Holidays, I love them! Time to chill, walk, read, crochet and craft with my gorgeous children (well one of them at least!)

This is a little creation that I made a while back – hearts and roses. The little sign says ‘Grandchildren Spoilt here’ – I think it needs to be a little bigger really but I liked it non the less.


I finished the small stripey hottie cover this week too. Here it is looking squidgy!


Although not sure at first it is growing on me and I am very happy with it. I hope the lovely lady it is destined for likes it. The back is different to the front so if she reads this at least one side will be a surprise!

We decorated paperclay stars – if you haven’t tried paperclay it is amazing stuff! Lightweight, durable and easier to mould than other air drying clay.


There was a lot of this during the week:


Aaaahh – lovely St Ouens. Every time I set foot on this beach my body zings (it is usually very windy!) my soul sours and my heart sings. All my niggles are left in the car park and I think, not for the first time, how lucky I am to live on beautiful Jersey.

My lovely friends stayed in a Heritage Property for two nights over the weekend. Kempt Tower. It was stunning inside but I only managed these shots through the window!



Don’t worry – It wasn’t damp anywhere else but these window ledges!

Whatever you’ve been doing over the week I hope you have had lots of fun.

Until next time, I’ll be finishing another WIP!

Emma x










Mandala making for Yarndale!

Hello everyone in blogland! This week I have been experimenting, frogging back and redoing … a lot!

It all started with Lucy from Attic 24  – oh how I love her happy posts. Inspiration leaps from the pages of her blog. Anyway, for Yarndale this year she decided to create a most beautiful mandala filled wall (you can see how many lovely peeps have already sent their mandalas in here). So I rose to the challenge!

I’ve painted mandalas before and this mandala was my inspiration and always reminds me of my little island home.


I think of sea and sky and lighthouses when I look at this mandala (not sure why! – might be the colours) Here’s our lighthouse – pretty huh?




Well I had an idea of what I was aiming for – although I do find that sometimes this is worse than having no clue! So off I merrily went – forming a circle from trebles ( no frogging required here!) then a smaller row of half trebles next (in the white) again no frogging required. Then came the tricky bit! I wanted something that resembled the waves in the painted mandala. Hmmm … lots of thought … and frogging later! …I managed to come up with a plan. A row of double crochet first, then four double trebles, three trebles, two half trebles and two doubles later my wave was formed. I’m not entirely sure that you can tell that it’s meant to be a wave – but hey – Imagination is the key!


I added a row of white double crochets to define and link together my waves. Then another tow of turquoise double crochets to form a ring around the original shape before ending with a white row of doubles and I was done … well nearly!


To really define the wave shape I sewed around the bottom of it with my white wool.


Then I sewed in all those pesky ends, blocked it and applied my pva glue to it as per Lucy’s instructions. Now all it is waiting for is a jiffy bag and off it will go to be added to the rest of them.




I have to say that it came out better than I thought it would! It makes me smile anyway!

All my energy over the last few days has gone into this so I hope Lucy likes it. I hope you like it too. If you fancy adding to the Mandala Goodness there are lots of instructions on the Attic24 block. (LoVe).

Until next time, I’ve discovered coloured text!


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