Feeling a little dotty

Hello all, it’s been a while!

I’ve had to take a little blogging break because my dear mum has been in hospital with a mystery lurgy. She’s still there now and getting very bored while the lovely doctors and nurses figure out quite what to do with her – she’s a medical mystery! Get well soon mum!

Anyway on the crochet front I’ve had a little pause too – still no eyes or beaks on my owls and the red white and blue blanket that I’ve been working on is not going too well either. Here is the beginning of it …


I tried to like it, I really did. But, no I was not successful. So my brain got to thinking. Here is how it went … ‘I wonder if one colour spots would look better?’ …. ‘It could have a white border?’ … ‘Hmmm I wonder if my gorgeous sister-in-law would mind if I added a few colours to it?’ …. ‘Green maybe purple’ …  So I duly contacted sis-in-law and, lovely as she is, she said yes! So here are my dotty spots.


You can just about see the white borders poking out. The colours haven’t come out quite as they are in reality – the yellow is really a lot nicer than that – promise! Anyway I think that I like them a lot more than the blue,red monstrosities that I started with.

It was summer solstice at the weekend and so I lit a candle and celebrated the longest day if the year. I like to mark the passing of the year and mark the equinoxes. Even if it is just lighting a candle just for me. Then came the most glorious full supermoon – this was taken from my garden at about eleven at night – so bright! My camera had a devil of a time getting that shot, many were deleted!


I wandered around my garden today, it has been beautiful here. No wind (for the first time in ages) and lovely lovely sunshine all day. At the bottom of my garden are these gorgeous strawberry plants.


I’ve had them years and they come back year after year, although they never produce enough for a fruit salad they are just ripe for plucking and eating right there and then… which is exactly what Little Miss H and I did with this beauty. It almost looks plastic it is so shiny. The most perfect gift to end our day.


And here it is grasped by Little Miss H and having been decimated enjoyed by us! Yum Yum.


Until next time I hope you’ve enjoyed your day and are joining me in counting blessings!




Robin update and yet more blankets!

Well hello friends. How are you all?

All is well at the Toadstool. We have said goodbye to the robins as three of the little baby robins flew the nest. One, unfortunately didn’t but I’ve been told three out of four is a good ratio. I’d become quite used to watching them and checking in on a daily basis … now the nest is empty I quite miss their comings and goings.

More garden related ‘stuff’ coming up!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I I have a slight obsession for tents … This is true and this week my latest purchase arrived, which I just had to put up in the garden and here it is – my four metre Bell Tent!


Don’t you just love out (or is it just me!) I plan on using it both to sleep in, but also to use at festivals where I sell my crochet creations – so it was definitely worth it. You can check out s fantabulous gallery of these stunning tents here.What I also should tell you is this brings my tent count to four! Yes I know – slightly worrying!

Do you remember the white christening blanket from this post? Well after I bought some more white yarn I managed to muster up enough enthusiasm to finish it. Although it was a LOT of work I am really happy with it. I stuck to a border of double crochets so as not to detract from the pretty pattern and then blocked it and now I think I actually may love it! Here it is in all it’s pretty glory!



Bobble madness then took over and I finished this one too … Twenty seven inch squares in pale blue, pale pink, yellow, pale green and pale purple. I sewed all the squares using the colour of the square so you can’t really see the join and am pondering the border as I type. I am thinking double crochet with a little picot all the way round. Any other suggestions most welcome!



I have started another blanket for another baby but will leave this for another post! Otherwise you and I will be all blanketed out!

Next on my list is to make some granny triangles for Lucy. Then onto boottees. Oh and my poor owls still need eyes and beaks too! Phew! My to do list seems to be expanding again!

Hope you have all had a fab half-term and the weather has been kind.

Until next time keep up the tent love!



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