A question … and a giveaway!!!

Two posts … In one week!!! Record!!! I have a little question for you. I made a little Christmas Sisal Star here

And I would very muchly like to hear if you think I should keep them in my Christmas range! Comments will earn you the chance to win either a Fabric or a Sisal star plus a few other goodies too!!

Here’s a little Fabric star to brighten your day!


Please feel free to share if you fancy (I’d be verrryyy happy!) Please keep to one comment and have a very happy Sunday!!

I will draw the winner out on 10th November so you have a week to decide!!!

Happy nearly Bonfire night!
Emma x


Itty bits and the decorating of a house!

Hello everyone!

Apologies that I have been absent for such a long time – we have been ‘doing’ in our house. Have a little sneaky peek.


So here is our lounge, as it was back in April time. With a very 1980’s looking fireplace – which I didn’t really mind, although the wind whistled down it and we really wanted a multifuel burning stove … so we went ahead and ordered one. All well and good but it wouldn’t fit in our fireplace so we had it all taken away. Then the hard work started – plastering (not done by us) and numerous conversations about colours of walls, replacing carpets, to keep or not to keep the existing skirting boards, checking with surveyors as to the stability of the house as some of the blockwork was split all the way through which lead to pinning and more plastering. Here is a little sneaky peek of the progress made as of three weeks ago.


Yup – delightful shade of green to help the new plaster adhere to the walls and deep brown plaster. Then came the waiting for the plaster to dry (can you see the new slimmed down taller fireplace just poking out?). Which took a week – typically the amazing weather had not arrived by then. Then came more cracks to plaster and fill and sand – oh the sanding, how I hate the sanding. A necessary evil but the dust and the noise -ooooohhhh. Now we are at this stage and things are looking up – carpets, sofas, bookcases have been ordered. The carpet should be the first thing to arrive – I can’t wait!


It’s come a long way … hopefully electricity will be reconnected in here this week and the room should be painted. Next we can get the radiators put back on the walls in time for our ‘Arctic Winter’. I’m keeping everything crossed for the tail end of the week but realistically will be more likely the week after. Then at least the whole family will have somewhere to sit together. We have the conservatory but it isn’t very comfortable or relaxing and all crochet takes place in the lounge whilst sat comfortably on the sofa so there hasn’t been a lot doing at the moment I’m afraid to say.

I have managed to finish a few things off that have been waiting for a needle and thread for some time – here they are. I hope you like them! One little wicker heart with crochet embellishment.


Here’s another


And another


The little sign on this one says ‘Grandchildren spoilt here’ and is from the East of India company – I love their beautiful products. I’m hoping to take them with me to the Christmas Fayre this year – I hope people like them.

The blanket is also growing – slowly but surely. Now to add in some cream to the mix. This is to be a joint effort for my Grandmother that my sister-in-law and I are collaborating on. It’s slightly tricky as she knits and I crochet, picking colours is a little hit and miss as she is in the UK and I’m in Jersey and the size of the squares may or may not match! Keep your fingers crossed!

DSCN3208To top all of the above off here is a picture of our next joint project (I say joint but it’s mostly Mr Toadstool with me cutting in when required and providing tea (lots of) and bacon sandwiches at lunch time every day plus entertaining Little Miss H). This is No 1 Son’s bedroom. It had two red walls on opposite sides of the room and strips of blue where shelves had been put before they were painted red – it’s been bugging me. Although No 1 Son has not been bothered in the slightest. We have now ordered bedroom furniture to go in his room – he currently has a floordrobe (apparently this has been added to the English dictionary!) so it will be nice for him to be able to put things away (she says with a slightly hysterical note in her voice!)


I have to say although half term has been manic I have enjoyed seeing the house beginning to take shape. I’ll post the mostly finished rooms (probably without furniture as I think it’ll take about 8 weeks to arrive! Oh the joys of living on a small rock!!) as soon as they are all put back together.

Until next time, I’ll be standing with a paint brush in hand contemplating colour charts!

Emma x




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